Protest a ban

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Protest a ban

Post by AnastasF1 »

Nick: Anastas
Steam ID: steamid : steamid : [G:1:4705598] (85568392924745022)
server: Bruss's CS Source DM/GG Server #1
Time: Around CET17:30 10/10/2023
Map: Italy
Reason: I dont know why i was banned. I dont use cheat and play just for funny. During the game I changed teem. I changed just bcs it was not going ok. One persone was speaking to me but i dont understand Russian. I told him that. Ater 1 min, I was banned. I dont think that it was wrong as the server is more for an individual play than a group play.
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Re: Protest a ban

Post by Moco26 »

Hi. I've played on Bruss servers for my whole life since childhood, and now I get banned for no reason. I NEVER EVER cheated and you betray my trust. Why? Hopefully this can get resolved.

Nick: Моцо26
SteamID: 76561198272306822
Server: Bruss's CS Source DM/GG Server #2
Time: About 16:00
Map: gg_toad
Demo link: ... g_toad.dem

You can check the whole demo and I don't know what is it that deserved me a ban. Thanks in advance, kind regards,
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Re: Protest a ban

Post by BOSNIA »

You can record your game with the FREE PROGRAM "FRAPS" and show evidence of an unfair ban.
Otherwise don't cry please.
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