Weapons Tab is Nothing

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Weapons Tab is Nothing

Post by RustOsprey55681 »

Im Currently dont have any money, so im downloading Gmod from this site :D . But, you know it's a Crack Game :? , this GMOD have 2-3 Problem:
1.Nothing in Weapons Tab :cry:
2.A Error Saying: the addon "Table: 0x54999d30" is creating errors, check the console for details (i post the console say later)
3.Is the lag really from the gmod version or a glitch? i have another gmod where the version is outdated but is not lag too much

i need help, without a latest version of Gmod, i cant enjoy the Modern Warfare SWEP's mod because outdate lua of Gmod :cry: :cry:
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Re: Weapons Tab is Nothing

Post by shirm4n »

you updated gmod? to 2022 version
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