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Admin application

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Welcome everyone

For those interested in follow these steps:
1. You should not cheat
2. You must have the skill to see cheaters
3. Term of consideration of the application 3 days (if during this time none of the admins are against your candidacy, you can transfer the payment)

1. Your name/nick
2. Your age
3. Your SteamID *
4. Link to your statistic ** (if you play on another server, you can post this link also)
5. Your email
6. Have you Steam or No-Steam?
7. Are you ready pay (via PayPal: every month (at first days of month) 6.3 EUR +paypal fee = ~ 7 EUR
8. Admin name who recommended you
9. Your info who want you say
[spoiler=***]* -- only in STEAM_0:0:00000 format (any others are considered an error and are not accepted)! Read:
** -- You can search your stats in or (if playing on Gun-Game)[/spoiler]
About blocking players:
be lenient for players who are just starting to play this game! first warn him about the rules!
1 - Bunnyhop ban (warn him first): 1 hour ban -> and 1 day to a maximum extent
2 - Team Flashing /Inappropriate Name /Team kill: 1 hour ban -> 1 day -> and 2wk to a maximum extent
3 - Insult players /Obscene language /admin disrespect / Inappropriate language: Mute -> 1 hour ban -> 1 day -> and 2wk to a maximum extent
4 - Wallhack /Multi-Hack /Aimbot: Ban Permanent
2wk ban only for persistent offenders!!!
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