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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where i can download the latest version of game?
A: ... ce.torrent

Q: How i can buy a VIP?
A: Try this steps:
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Additionally try to check "phone app":
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Q: Hi, I downloaded some skins from gamebanana and I am using the latest version of CSS but it seems the copy paste method does not work on the latest version unlike the previous one. Can anyone help?
A: Copy all skins to \Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\custom\Bruss.Org.Ru\ - it must be work.

Q: Hi everybody, I can't register stats portal (
Error Message : The Steam ID does not exist!
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A: You must play (and then wait one hour) on servers before trying register.

Q: Hi. I like so much Counter-Strike: Source i wanted this game in a long time and you bring it to my. Now i can play, but can you upgrade the ping of the servers? Because i'am from Uruguay and i can't play because i get kicked because my ping. Help me please.
A: It's impossible. Try sears servers in your region.

Q: I have problem with my game client, i can`t launch updater:

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Unable to load .\Steam\Steam.dll.
Please edit or comment out SteamDll value in rev.invi
A: In game dir, in file "rev.ini" find string (In WinXP this problem can not be fixed.):

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SteamDll = .\Steam\Steam.dll
and replace to

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# SteamDll = .\Steam\Steam.dll
Q: Hy guys ! Need your help... I closed my bank account in "bank setting". It was a mistake, but now all my money's gone! Can i have it back?
A: No. That's impossible. Sorry. You can buy some additional game money in vip-system (

Q: Hi. Before I played normal css source no-steam, but now I have a problem with the hl2.exe. Every time I connect to the game and two minutes after the game crashes and I see a plate on the screen that says: hl2 has stopped working.
A: Add game folder to exclude list in your antivirus and windows defender. And then run updater.

Q: Hi, I want to change my in-game name but how do I do that? I tried using the UltimateNameChanger but its not working...
A: UltimateNameChanger work only fot ClanTag. If you want change nick type in console: setname "your name". Or in game main menu: Options >> Multiplayer >> Advanced... >> Player name >> Ok.

Q: When i try to connect to any servers, this error pops up: "The server you are trying to connect to is running a new version of the game". Any possible way to solve this?
A: Restart computer and run updater.

Q: Hello guys, i play the css version from you, but i have one problem. I can't open the console. I have activated it but i don't know what key to press. Please help me.
A: ~ (top left key on keyboard).

Q: How many posts to get 3 star and so on?
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Q: I have installed the game but it doesn't work the updates and it said that is missing MSVCR100.DLL. What can i do?
A: You must additionally install: MS Visual C++ Redist 2010 - ... st_x86.exe