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Frequently Asked Questions

Postby dURka[iT2] » 13 Apr 2015, 14:04

Q: Where i can download the latest version of game?
A: ... ve.torrent

Q: My game is always crashing with this error: "Engine error. Error loading swf file!"
A: Try this steps:
1. uninstall game (also manually remove dir).
2. reboot computer.
3. turn off or remove antivirus.
4. install game to other dir or disk.
5. run updater, click "PATCH" and wait when game autostart.
It must help.

Q: When I try to run the game it says: "SSE and SSE2 are required". Any ideas plz ?
A: Check game hardware requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor or better
Memory: 1GB XP / 2GB Vista
Hard Disk Space: At least 7.6GB of Space
Video Card: Video card must be 256 MB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support for Pixel Shader 3.0
Then install latest drivers (motherboard, video card and etc).

Q: I wonder if LAN play is possible with the Strogino CS:GO client. Anybody have an idea?
A: To create a lan game with bots, open console with "~" key and then input following commands:
sv_lan 1
map [mapname] (for example map de_dust2)

Q: CS:GO doesn't start after update, black screen for a while then it goes back to detskop, no errors. It was working fine before updating. Anyone can help me?
A: Try this steps:
1. uninstall game (also manually remove dir).
2. reboot computer.
3. turn off or remove antivirus.
4. install game to other dir or disk.
5. run updater, click "PATCH" and wait when game autostart.
It must be helps.

Q: I was banned on a server, is the only server on my country and other servers the ping is soo high! I want to change Steam ID! There's a way?
A: If you want change SteamID then you must full delete your windows and reinstall windows with full format disk dive. Then install game.

Q: After update, I have the following message: "Launcher error. Failed to load the launcher DLL : The specified module is untraceable".
A: Reboot computer >> turn off antivirus >> turn off steam (if you have it) >> run updater (push "PATCH" on updater) >> wait when game start automatically (it may be a long time).

Q: Hey guys, every time when i want to update i get the error: "Error while downloading patch steam/steam.dll". Can anyone help me?
A: If you have error with updater some like: "Error while downloading patch .....". First turn off your antivirus and try again. If not helps wait one-two days and then try again. If problem will not fixed then write post in this forum about it.

Q: Hello. How i can change my rank level from "Silver I" to above?
A: Open a rev.ini file (in game directory) and find string: "[steamclient]". Then find string "RankLevel = 1" (if you don't heve it, then add it). And change like: "RankLevel = 10"
01 = Silver I
02 = Silver II
03 = Silver III
04 = Silver IV
05 = Silver Elite
06 = Silver Elite Master
07 = Gold Nova I
08 = Gold Nova II
09 = Gold Nova III
10 = Gold Nova Master
11 = Master Guardian I
12 = Master Guardian II
13 = Master Guardian Elite
14 = Distinguished Master Guardian
15 = Legendary Eagle
16 = Legendary Eagle Master
17 = Supreme Master First Class
18 = The Global Elite

Q: When i press patch all it says is "Error while downloading options." Can you help me?
A: Add game dir to exeption list in your antivirus and try again.

Q: I saw some players with custom skins, how do i get them?
A: Follow these steps:
1. Download this program:
2. Extract the downloaded files to desktop or any folder
3. Run "RevEmu Inventory Creator" as administrator
4. Set your CSGO directory
5. Before you start customising a weapon make sure to click "More" then "Read old inventory", go to .\platform and choose items730.bin (if you don't do this your old inventory skins will be deleted).
6. Choose any weapon
7. Once you are done with customising it click "Add to inventory" and then Save RevEmu

Q: So i just updated the game to the latest version and somehow I got this: "Valve Anti-Cheat: Some of your game files have been detected to have no signatures or invalid signatures. You will not be allowed to join VAC secure servers." How do i solove this?
A: You can now only join our servers, or any other insecure servers. This might be fixed in future.

Q: When i try to launch CS:GO i get this error:
FATAL ERROR:Failed to connect with local Steam Client process!
A: Restart the computer and try to update again.

Q: Hi, when i try to join a server it doesn't show the community server browser option.
A: Join a game with bots on any map and then press ESC and choose COMMUNITY SERVER BROWSER.
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