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Frequently Asked Questions

Postby dURka[iT2] » 23 Oct 2014, 20:58

Q: Where i can download the latest version of game?

Q: Can I play with a man who have buy left 4 dead 2 on steam?
A: Only if you create the game and he is connect to you. Or if you all connect to some empty server (use server search) - this prefer.

Q: When I want to upadte the game by the executable 'Upadte Left 4 Dead 2", files are downloaded but when the cmd is open this window: Is still open during 20 minutes and nothing is happening.
A: You must wait more (depend your internet speed).

Q: Hello. I have issue after im updatign game i start it and after loadign screen it drops me to screen and game is closed can any help me fix this?
A: Try turn off antivirus.

Q: After update and game launched, a window show up asking for steam not running and game doesn't start...I hope you fix this soon...Thank you
A: 1. Add game dir to exception list in your antivirus.
2. Reboot computer.
3. Run updater and click "PATCH".
4. Wait when game autostart.

Q: I have a question. Why the folder game after install is smaller than the setup file? Folder game size is 12.5 GB and the setup file is 14,1 GB. Is this a problem ?
A: That's normal. The installation contains language pack for French, German, Russian, Spanish and English. But you are install only one.

Q: When i finish installing, i have: "there is no file named L4d2_updater.exe"
And when i open tool.exe it shows: "windows cannot find '.\left_4_dead_2.exe' in your computer".
A: Add game dir to exeption list in your antiviru and install game again. Then run updater.
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